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 ​​Our auditions are thorough, usually 90 minutes, and look to identify 3 types of improvisers: JuanWants.jpg

  • Those who are adept at taking care of themselves on stage
  • Those who are adept at taking care of their scene partner
  • Those who are adept at taking care of the piece or the group

By the end of our program all of our improvisers learn how to do all 3 approaches well!

Before you audition, read more about our Training Program, our Member Benefits, and Partnerships.  

We hold auditions whenever we have the opportunity to provide new teams with regular performances.  If an open audition sign-up isn't listed below, then our notification sign up list will be there instead.​

If you are signing up for a specific audition, PLEASE read the sign-up as it states UNIQUE differences for your audition class.

ChicagoAudition Interest for The Comedy ClubhouseThe Comedy Clubhouse, 1462 N. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622Click here to sign up for audition notifications for One Group Mind and The Comedy Clubhouse