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​​​​​We're thankful of all of our members' praises!

Brian L.

​Thanks for the fun, Thanks for laughs, but mostly- Thanks for the chance and opportunity! All my best for future success and continued awesomeness!!!​

Jackie P.

I just want to let you know that I got the deposit today. I did not expect payment. I know I'm in the industry now but never thought I'd be a paid actor. Just want to thank you for all of the opportunities you've given me. Thank you.​​

Stephen B.

​...applaud what the organization stands for: creating a healthy working environment for improvisors and championing their rights as artists and performers. I will continue to recommend OGM to friends​...

Steven G.

​Thank you for giving our teams the opportunity to practice and grow together, and even rebuild numbers once we drop numbers, without having to worry about being suddenly, unceremoniously cut.  Over the last few months I've increasingly noticed the value this organization's commitment to Sosa Mimosa, and all of us, provides over these other theaters. We clearly get more practice, more stage time, more steady opportunity for growth, and clearly more value. As I've gotten opportunities elsewhere, I've made the point to treat Sosa Mimosa and OGM as a priority for exactly this reason.

Salesha M.

​I wanted to reach out to you to say Thank You! I have been immersed in improv for the past four years. Whether it was studying, performing, or now teaching; improv has become a major part of my life. I can sincerely say my time with One Group Mind (that rhymes) helped me tremendously as a performer and a person.  I appreciate your style of teaching and your ability to bring the best out of performers. I love doing long form and expanding off of source scenes. Thank you for teaching me various ways to approach each skill and for providing me a safe space to explore and play.  Awesome you are! Thank you!

Anne B.

​Hey, Mike, I just wanted to say thanks for being my first real improv coach. you made me a keener listener, a more dynamic player, and a more versatile comedian. You rock. see you the next time I'm in Chi-town

Mary H

​Between The Second City and The Comedy Clubhouse I was able to spend hours playing and perfecting my craft of improvisation with some phenomenally funny, kind, inspiring people I am blessed to call friends and some that are newly discovered and equally delightful. It feels so great to saturate myself in my life's calling and purpose and to do it with those who are equally passionate! Thank You Mike Abdelsayed

Zack S.
One Group Mind has given me a home away from home in Chicago for the last 3 years. Not only has this company given me the opportunity to learn and grow as a performer with the improv comedy ensemble, Frank Frank, but I have been given the opportunity to direct and guest-coach a half dozen other ensembles, paying it forward.
Colin K.
OGM is a great organization that gives you the stage time and coaching to grow as an improviser
Mike L.
I will always fondly look back on my experience performing with OGM. Aside from playing with my best friends every week and watching great shows by many different teams, I learned more about improv, both as a player and a coach, than I did at any other improv institution
Cari M.
I have been with One Group Mind for over three years. The education I have received and the community of artists I have had the privilege to work with through this organization has been some of the best I have experienced in my years as an actor.
Jared M.
OGM is such a fun theater!
Dan C.
I've been with One Group Mind now for a year and I have loved every minute. While other organizations often require eventual performers to take classes and invest thousands before getting stage any time, OGM is geared towards getting new members comfortable on a team and stage ready for only a small monthly fee for the instructor and the facilities. It's not only taught me a lot about myself and my performance style, but above all else has given me confidence and trust in my teammates I have struggled to find through other theaters. I cannot recommend it enough to improvisers in Chicago
Natalie M.
One Group Mind has given me an immense amount of opportunity and growth. I love all of the people I play with and coach. It's one of the only organizations that gives you the support and stage time to really grow and challenge yourself in your craft on a weekly basis.
Jennifer B.
One group mind means a great deal to me. I not only get to work with some amazing improvisers but I have gained life long friends.
Drew W.
One Group Mind had meant so much to me. It has given me the opportunity to perform and teach with amazing improvisors and people.
Christian C.

I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated the classes. I really like the way you broke down the forms and walked us through them. I'm a bit mechanical/analytical so need to keep drilling in reps to get sometimes get beyond that, but the frameworks you laid out were fantastic. The whole OGM experiencing has been awesome.  ​ 

Maureen S.
OGM is a great organization
Daniel D.
OGM is a fun time, and it fosters a great environment for improvisers and making friends. My time there has been fantastic
Emma C.
One Group Mind and Titanic provide supportive, collaborative education for so many people. Titanic with my friends has been one of the best experiences I've ever had
Elyse M.
One Group Mind is a supportive, safe space for everyone. It's growth-oriented, art-oriented, and good, plain, old-fashioned FUN. I am so appreciative to have the opportunity to play with, watch, and be coached by really talented people each week.
Heather V.
One Group Mind has been a hugely important organization for so many people. Similarly, The Titanic Players has been the cornerstone of my college career and I am immensely grateful for all of the opportunities OGM has afforded me.
Yolanda G.
One Group Mind is a wonderful theater. Mike has created an organization which supports and encourages emerging and established improvisational actors to further their craft.
Chip B.
One Group Mind is the embodiment of a truly caring, supportive and inventive improv community. Since 2012, it has been a pleasure to play with Uh Oh Miyamoto - a team comprised of performers who are now my closest friends
Greg G.
One Group Mind has helped me become a better improviser. Mike's vision for improvisers is one I can get behind.
Caitlyn S.
One Group Mind isn't just a company, it's a community for improvisers and an educational form of creative outlet. I've had the pleasure of meeting, watching, and performing with so many amazing people in the past year, I can't stress enough the impact this has had on my life.
Alex H.
The Titanic Players are my favorite collaborators and my best friends.
Daniel A.
One Group Mind is a wonderful organization where I have been able to perform, learn, and make friends
Mary Kate R.
I LOVE OGM! I've made some of my best friends through this organization, and have learned so much with this team. It's so wonderful to have the opportunity to perform every week!!!!!
Benjamin H.
One Group Mind and the Titanic Players are both truly unique organizations. Through the Titanic Players, I was introduced to a large community of talented improvisers, meeting people from different colleges and learning invaluable techniques from them. Long-form improv is hard to pull off, especially at a college level, but the Titanic Players provided the community and the expertise to create daring and beautiful performances. One Group Mind and the Titanic Players foster a nurturing improv culture committed to providing quality education to anyone, regardless of prior experience.